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Fortinet in Retail

Fortinet in Retail (05 Ocak 2008)

Retail business operations increasingly rely on the network as the backbone of key operations and applications including inventory control and POS (point of sale) applications.


Retail business operations increasingly rely on the network as the backbone of key operations and applications including inventory control and POS (point of sale) applications. The problem in securing retail networks and networked applications is usually a lack of IT staff, geographic support, and costly downtime on a per minute basis. Retail store networks are no longer an option as today’s independent stores face increased competition from both their brick-and-mortar competitors and from online services. To remain competitive, retail networks serve multiple store sites and offer support for new networked applications including self-help kiosks and online financial transaction information. Consumer purchase information gathered from wired cash registers, wireless point of purchase displays and other networked devices needs robust security and protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

With a best in class suite of security applications that can easily be integrated, FortiGate Multi-threat Security systems offer retail operations a cost-effective way to provide additional functionality to their existing software or host-based security systems or a new comprehensive security solution for their unique and distributed business needs. All FortiGate systems are ASIC-accelerated hardware platforms located at the network gateway to scan email, Web, Instant Messenger and file transfer content at the network edge and in real time - protecting the retail network from viruses, worms and other inappropriate and malicious content before it can enter the retailer’s network. In addition, every FortiGate system includes built-in seven security functions including antivirus, intrusion detection and prevention, firewall, VPN, web filtering, spam filtering and traffic shaping functionality in one easy-to-install, maintain and update unit. Ease of deployment, accompanied by the full set of features offered by the FortiGate systems make managing and protecting multiple retail locations a hands-off experience.


"We needed a lot of functionality that the Linux-based firewall could not easily provide. We had to implement more De-Militarized Zones (DMZ) behind the firewall, bring in antivirus capabilities at the edge of the network and setup an effective intrusion detection system."

- Antonia Ebner, Head of IT Department

A Few of the Retail Industry Companies that rely on Fortinet for Network Protection

Shiseido Cosmetics
Foster Farms
JCPenny Purchasing
Pierre Lange
Honda Korea
Burger King
Pizza Hut
Dunkin’ Donuts
Crown Bakery
Ethan Allen
L.J. Hooker

View larger Diagram Showing Fortinet’s Solution in a Retail Environment


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