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Records Management strategy of BEYAZ ARCHIVE

Records or Information Management is simply the strategy developed and implemented to manage your offsite records and data. It can be as simple as boxing up and labeling your overflow files, or as intricate as scanning all your existing hardcopy records, indexing the files, uploading them into our digital database and then showing you how to access these records online anytime.

The beauty of an BEYAZ ARCHIVE individually configured Records Management strategy, is that it is specifically developed based on your business and company’s individual needs.If you simply have old, obsolete files that you seldom access, but that need to be retained as a safeguard or as required by law, then probably a simple hardcopy storage & retrieval system can be developed for you.

On the other hand, if you have large volumes of files and documents that you need to access regularly, then perhaps a digital database is the answer. We can have your data uploaded (and converted from hardcopy, if necessary) into a secure data base, that you can then directly access via the Internet whenever you need to view, copy or print out archived information. Your files will be available to you quickly and easily around the clock.

Then again, often times the solution is not so straight forward, and might entail any combination of hardcopy, digital, or other media storage (which might include over-sized documents such as blueprints or drawings, CDs, digital cartridges, film, and/or microfiche). Whatever your records management needs, BEYAZ ARCHIVE has the solution.That’s what we mean when say an "individually-configured strategy". We take a comprehensive look at your business and overall document management needs and then tailor a plan that best fits your unique requirements.

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