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Technology and Infrastructure

Internet(Web) Software Solutions

Corporates have specific mechanisms and needs.  It analyses current technology infrastructure of our customers  companies, specifies new investment needs and puts into practice.

Why Internet (Web) Software Solution?

Version updates of desktop programs and putting into service for every machine is a permanent distress (cost), every version update is an outgo. For example: A company has 40 warehouse and those warehouses are in different cities. A module has been wanted for the project and these warehouses have to be watched and tested on site for this updates to be taken; but the fact that those warehouses are in different cities and the large amount of warehouses will induce a crucial workforce, time and money loss. 

Web Programming

  • System Analysis
  • Adaptation of Corporate Identity
  • Graphic Design
  • Content Production
  • Coding
  • Safe Database
  • ERP, Integration with current applications such as Commercial  Packages
  • Site Map
  • Animation
  • Quality Integrity
  • Usability Test
  • Permanent Care


  • Technology Management
  • Software Development
  • Integration of Systems
  • Operation Development
  • Database Development
  • Interactive (Database modules)
  • Security
  • Hosting
  • Management

Static Web Applications
Provides means of preparing visually as you like, means of introducing your product or service, small flash, animation, means of bringing your product or service in the foreground with images, means of reaching potential customers you aimed.

Dynamic Web Applications
It provides to specify your detailed work or service, and updating your information without needing any extra help whenever you want.  It offers several language choices. It provides unlimited news, content, photograph, and video entry chance. It provides finding customers detailed information in searching engines instantly. It provides adding new administrator and authorization for that administrator whenever you want. It provides publishing improvements and innovations easily and instantly.

Online Purchase System
Product selling by product and category listing, order placing and pricing. Creating category about products, product adding, pricing, creating campaign product and informing members if necessary through management panel. 

Shopping Basket

  • Membership
  • Integration with Bank (Credit Card, Money and Installment)
  • Category Adding Module
  • Product Adding Module
  • Updating Panel Module
  • In-Site Search System Module
  • Member Entry System Module
  • Automatic Mail Sending System Module

Online Map Applications

  • Coordinate Creating and Tracking Systems on Map
  • Offering different information on different layers
  • Inquiry on the map

Web Animation Applications 

  • 3D (Three Dimensional) Animations
  • Flash animations
  • Software on Flash
  • Flash XML/Database Integration

Internet Applications Programming Technologies

  • Php
  • Aspx.net (c#)
  • Java Script
  • Cgi
  • Phyton
  • Action Script


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