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On-Site Installation: Our expert personnel provides that firewall becomes active by planning all the necessary network infrastructure on the location which the firewall will be installed.

On-Site Maintenance (for twice): Problem solution will be actualized by interfering on-site for troubleshooting when an error occures.
External and Internal Security Analysis: Security vulnerability controls are performed from outside by using external IP Addresses of your system.

Detailed Security Analysis Report: Findings and solution methods obtained as a result of the permorfed analysis, are being reported regulary.

Remote Help Call: Expert network engineers will remove the problem remotely when any problem occures.

Call Tracking Over the Web: In case of a failure calls can be entered over the web panel and thanks to this the control will be easier.

Mrtg Graphic: Monitoring packages on the network and obtaining the Mrfg traffic depending on this.

Taking the System Configuration Backup Daily: Configuration backup is taken and saved automatically so that the system can be reloaded easily from the backup in necessity. With the "Version Control Sistem" we install, all configurations and differences between the configurations are saved, these configurations or modifications can be forwarded to the association if needed.  

Firewall Configuration Control and Report (for four times): Potential defects on the settings can be removed with controls performed regularly.

Right for Participation on Trainings (1 person, FortiGate Basic and Anvanced Level Training): Network Settings, Authorization and Access Settings, Profile Logice and UTM Settings, Creating the Policies, Routing Settings from Outside to Inside, VPN and SSLVPN Settings, MSN and P2P Filtering, Logging, Log Tracking, Finding Error, VPN Deployment, SSL-VPN Deployment, IP Mac Address Matching, Active Directory, LDAP and Radius Integration, Connection with GPRS Modem, Appliance Usage with HA Backup, VLAN Configuration

7x24 support: Nonstop 7/24 maintenance, control and interference is being made for companies which security must be kept in top-level. Also, professional teams interfere to the system for midnight and weekend calls.

Interference in 2 hours (SLA level maintenance)


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