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Now You're Liberated!

Linux is a freely accessible software with an open-source framework, allowing universal usage. The absence of corporate monopolies enhances ştransparency and permits development by top-tier programmers globally. Transitioning from Microsoft operating systems to Linux is termed “Linux Migration” Linux, widely employed in server environments, is gradually making its way to end-users, primarily due to security considerations. Organisations aim to adopt open-source software for two compelling reasons: eliminating annual license costs eliminating annual license costs and mitigating security risks on user computers.

For a successful migration and a robust system, investment in the change itself is crucial.

Free, Adaptable, and Secure

The genuine benefit of change goes beyond avoiding license fees; it lies in the flexibility gained by companies. This flexibility results from cross-platform compatibility and the lasting nature of tools and file formats that are used. Even minor changes can yield significant improvements. Embracing an open-source strategy signifies both financial and political freedom. That is why, the use of open-source systems has become indispensable for businesses and even governments. However, similar to many transition projects, shifting to open-source systems demands meticulous planning. Although migrating to Pardus-Linux is is not complex, planning errors can lead to challenges and intricate situations.

Why Opt for Linux!

Open-source; Open-source means making a software's code readable, open to development and alteration, shared with the public. Open-source software structures are known for their low dependence, high auditability, transparency, and openness to continuous innovations. With those aspects, anyone interested can contribute to the ongoing development of these applications. This exemplifies the strength of open-source systems: with support from a global community, innovation becomes extraordinary.

Tired of Security Issues?

The utilization of free/open-source-coded operating systems and software presents numerous both advantages and challenges. Among the benefits are reduced purchase and licensing expenses, enhanced information security, , liberation from the monopoly of specific companies, increased choice options, and the provision of equal opportunities and competition. Especially, the secure operating system architecture, automatic updating of applications, and prompt release of updates result in significantly fewer security vulnerabilities compared to other systems.

All in One

Pardus, a Linux distribution whose foundations were laid in 2003 and is still under development. It stands out for providing comprehensive Turkish language support and being developed in line with the needs of the public. No other distribution excels in Turkish language support as good as Pardus does.

Most Common Linux: Debian

Debian is a free software, allowing any developer to make changes to its source code. to its source code. The absence of corporate monopoly enhances transparency and enables and enables şdevelopment by the world's best programmers. Similar to Pardus, Ubuntu is also a Debian-based open-source Linux operating system.

Pardus has numerous features specific to the Turkish language. Our native and national operating system, Pardus, is developed based on the Debian GNU/Linux distribution.

We Make It simple for You

Transitioning to Linux operating systems may pose some challenges. Apart from the operating system, planning is required for the integration of applications and other systems. Particularly due to user familiarity with Windows systems, lack of knowledge about Linux systems, and the absence of many applications on Linux systems, poorly planned transitions can take place. We organize successful transitions through thorough planning, detailed analysis, tailor-made integration, pilot projects, and a centrally manageable structure.

We Plan Every Step for Migration

For a healthy migration, we begin with a comprehensive analysis:

  • Examination of software
  • Examination of hardware
  • Examination of network and server infrastructure
  • Examination of identity management infrastructure
  • Examination of centralized management infrastructure
  • Examination of update infrastructure
  • Examination of backup infrastructure
  • Examination of staff competence


  • Not all computers can switch to Linux at the same time.
  • Server and User migrations must be done at SEPARATE times.
  • Güncellenebilir bir sistem düşünülmeli.
  • An updatable system should be considered.
  • A centrally managed system should be planned.
  • A good analysis should be done.
  • A sound planning should be made.

Your Route is Established!

  • The directory structure of the environment is examined.
  • Applications used in the environment are scrutinized.
  • Physical devices in the environment (PCs, printers, scanners, etc.) are examined for driver support and compatibility.
  • The design of the operating system for terminal computers is determined based on the project needs of email clients, PDF viewers, office applications, and other desktop tools.
  • Drivers for devices such as printers and scanners are included in the system.
  • Linux Terminal computers are joined to the Directory service in the environment (MS Active Directory or Samba Directory), and access management is implemented.

Your Route is Ready. You can set off with confidence

  • A Migration Plan is prepared.
  • An Training Plan is created.
  • The operating system is customized.
  • Linux computers are included in the Domain environment.
  • An Update System is installed.
  • A Central Management System is installed.
  • A Monitoring and Logging system is installed.
  • A Remote Support and Management system is installed.

Tailored for You

  • Integration of existing applications in the organization is ensured
  • Drivers are configured for existing hardware (E-signature, printer, etc.) in the organization.
  • Access to common services in the organization (Mail, File Server, etc.) is provided.
  • Desktops are customized.

A Tailor-made ISO for your organization

  • Automatically added to the Directory environment.
  • Automatically updated.
  • Automatically managed application (install/uninstall).
  • Differentiated based on groups.
A custom operating system ISO file is created.

Example Customizations

  • Access to File Servers with Kerberos
  • Automatic entry to applications with Kerberos
  • Automatic printer installation based on group
  • Running E-signature Drivers (Akis, Etuğra, Egüven, etc.)
  • Integration with the firewall to set up Proxy for internet access
  • Performing 802.1x EAP-TLS Authentication on Microsoft Certificate Server, Copying User Certificate during Machine Startup, and applying it to Network Settings
  • ALoading Network Printers on User Machines based on Directory Groups on the network
  • Automatic installation of firewall certificate to all browsers

Now, Control is Yours

Operating and maintaining systems that are not centrally manageable is very challenging. When centralized management flexibility that is common in Microsoft systems, cannot be achieved in Linux systems, Linux computers can become a burden. The TaliaDomain product provides a centralized Linux Management for Pardus/Debian operating systems.

  • Centralized Update
  • Centralized User Management
  • Centralized Configuration Management
  • Centralized Password Management
  • Centralized Monitoring
  • Centralized Logging
  • Remote Support

You are Ready for the Test Flight

  • The prepared system is initially tested on voluntary users.
  • Then, the units or computers for the pilot installation are selected.
  • Before the transition, training is provided in the relevant unit.
  • In the pilot unit transitions are made.
  • With the feedback provided, corrections and improvements are made.
  • The main transition is organized along with other units.

You make decision, we provide motivation.

Changing people's habits is hard. The task at hand involves making users who have been familiar with other systems for many years feel comfortable with the new system. This is commonly known as psychological migration. To equip individuals for the transition to new systems, a motivational presentation is made, that is, highlighting the advantages and offering training to showcase its simplicity.

They are Free, How About You?

We have succeeded in dozens of institutions.

  • Avcılar Municipality
  • Media Advertising Agency
  • Eyüp Municipality
  • Tuzla Municipality
  • Sancaktepe Municipality
  • Üsküdar Municipality
  • Ziraat Participation Banking

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