Dynamic Web Infrastructures are very useful systems which let the customers to arrange their web sites like adding/removing news, pictures, video, catalog, category, product etc. by using a management panel.

The most useful feature of Dynamic Web Sites is letting you to update the web site in any time. In addition, continuously updated web sites are indexed by Google bots and placed high more frequent.

Beyaz Net is serving many corporations with its talented CMS infrastructure in both PHP and .NET environments. CMS infrastructures are customized depend on the corporate needs. By means of our specialists in Software Team settled in technopark, IT Security Team and System Team, we are carrying out easy-managable, reliable and high performance web infrastructures.

Our differences with CMS:

- Large Project Experiences (Eyüp Municipality, Üsküdar Municipality, İETT, TRT, Scouting and Guiding Federation, Belbim, Kocaelispor Soccer Club)
- Secure Software Development experiences
- Experienced and big Software Team
- Security Analyze Team
- Google compatibility (Youtube, SEO) experiences
- Mapping Infrastructure experiences
- Payment Systems experiences
- Video Portal and LMS experiences
- High-Traffic experiences
- Facebook Application experiences
- Telegraam Bot experiences
- SMS and Mail experiences