The vast majority of today's workflow and services are executed through information systems. Therefore, information systems, especially the storage and backup of the data, are of vital importance.

Providing the continuity of the servers which store the data requires necessary measures to be taken for all the possibilities such as heat, humidity, dust, fire, water pressure in system rooms in which serversa are located. In addition to these, a healthy cabling, cooling and power supply systems should be designed with their reserves if possible, and these should be applied to the system rooms. From this point of view, the design and installation of system rooms is quite complex.

Institutions can embody their own data centers in system rooms which they can build this way or in data center cabins which accomplish these conditions in the most efficient manner with the help of a service provider which brings them into service by renting method. Depending on the needs, besides the complex rack cabin, they can buy just server service or just virtual server service in the data center solutions provided by the service providers. Service providers have many services such as data center, server hosting, virtual server, unlimited hosting, web hosting, corporate hosting, data center solutions and server services.

It is highly recommended that all the devices, from the harddisk in the data backup systems to the serving servers, to the switches to which all devices are connected, and to the security firewall, are designed with their reserves inside the data centers which will be installed. Thanks to certain Technologies which will be used and protocols, it is possible to actively operate the devices which are held in reserve.