Fortinet, which is one of the world leaders in the field of network technologies, offers easy-to-install and low-cost VPN solutions for enterprises with offices / branches in remote locations.

It is of crucial importance that mobile workers are able to access the company network and data at anytime and from anywhere. However, the safety of this connection is also vital for both the organization and the employees. Fortinet steps in at this point, and offers a secure and easy-to-install VPN service for enterprises.

In addition to data communication between endpoints in VPN services, internet access services are also offered. 

Main services;

• Blocking all endpoints from access to the internet or allowing their access to the internet with restrictions desirably (time, bandwith, web-filter, application restrictions etc.)

• Allowing only the center to access the internet.

• Allowing only the necessary endpoints to access the internet.

• Internet access of all endpoints.

• Logging of internet access.

Who uses them?

• Global companies.

• Companies with one or more branches.

• Companies with critical data.

• Companies with mobile workers.

• Companies exchanging data between their branches and center.

• Companies which wish to manage the data exchange of endpoints from one center. 

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