Nowadays, one of the most insecure communication tools is the Email service. As the SMTP protocol does not have features such as user authentication and server authentication, people may get deceived easily.

55.9% of the emails circulating on the internet in this age and time consist of Spam emails. [1] These spams are used to load both advertisement and ransom software, as well as to steal certain data. Due to reasons such as sending an incorrect email or clicking on a wrong email, the institutions might have a lot of pecuniary and intangible damage. Email Security product is one of the indispensable technologies for institutions.

Email security products differentiate the real/necessary emails with the fake/unnecessary/dangerous ones by controlling with many methods.

In such products, both the hit ratio and the lowness of the ratio of marking a real email as spam by mistake (false-positive) indicate the success of the product.

Methods for providing email security:

- The process of scanning email against malicious content by applying filtering policies according to the country it came from with geo-location based filtering
- Strengthening access control with two-factor authentication
- Data Loss Prevention
- Sandbox
- Threat intelligence
- Email encryption
- Content control: monitoring the incoming and outgoing emails and scanning them against harmful content
- Bayesian Algorithm: Bayesian filtering has been recently introduced as a new anti-spam solution because it can update itself to the changing tactics of the spammers every day, and at the same time can evaluate what types of filtering it must do by adapting to the email flow of the institution which it protects.
- Anti-spam softwares: Anti-spam technology is the special softwares which work integrated with email systems and include solutions such as blocking spam emails which contain illegal and unwanted content and removing harmful effects. Anti-spam softwares use signature-based, statistical, heuristic, or predictive email classification algorithms.

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