Information Security Consultancy

Information Security Consultancy provides institutions with consultancy services for the implementation of system continuity and of security policies such as the transfer/storing of data without their confidentiality, integrity and accessibility getting deteriorated, by helping institutions be protected from internal and external cyber threats. In addition to services such as identifying an attack during the realization phase, information security advisors also provide support with precautions against attacks before they occur and actions to be taken after the attack.

Crucial Steps of Information Security Consultancy:

- Analyzing the assets of the institution which will benefit from service and determining which security measures are needed
- Establishing security protocols / rules in order to protect the assets of the institution and designing security plans
- Meeting with authorities of the institution
- Performing vulnerability assessment tests which include steps such as analyzing risk assessment tests and possible threats, identifying actions to be taken in order to reduce the risk as much as possible, and reporting findings
- Using up-to-date security systems, tools and technologies
- Coordinating the team constisting of security experts and implementing division of labour

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