Web Application Firewall (WAF) means web security firewall technologies which are used to secure web pages. The calls coming to the web page are primarily answered by WAF. It controls the content of the incoming call and prevents malicious and harmful requests. Firewalls which execute packet inspection in the application layer often fail in web-borne threats. That’s why WAF solutions are used to prevent advanced attacks coming from the internet. WAFs constitute a technology which is based on the detection of anomalies coming from the web traffic in systems getting more and more complicated everday and on the blocking of incoming requests having hostile intentions within the terms of the determined rules. In other words, it is a solution developped to block malicious requests by performing detailed packet analysis on protocols such as HTTP / HTTPS / SOAP / XML-PRC.

Because the number of web applications increases day by day in the institutions, the number of servers also increases and it becomes incomprehensible when it comes to management, configuration, maintenance, backup, protection and it can bring incredible workload and heavy costs. To budget and install web applications and database servers also become costly, and increasingly complex and difficult to manage in current structures.


FortiWeb web application firewall offers threat protection for middle/large sized corporations, application service providers and customized layered web application for SaaS providers. FortiWeb protects web-based applications and data which is open to the internet from attacks and threats. Using advanced techniques, it provides bidirectional protection against malicious resources, complex threats such as DoS attacks and SQL injection, cross-site scripting-XSS, memory overflow, file inclusion, cookie poisoning, and many other types of attacks. In addition to WAF, the next-generation Web Security products include Load Balance, Cache and Compression as well.

Load Balancing

Load Balancing is identifed as the process of efficiently distributing requests and network traffic coming from clients to the multiple server systems. In addition to providing high security and accessibility by sending requests only to servers that are online, it also provides flexibilities such as the ability to activate or desactivate servers based on the intensity of the incoming traffic.


The Cache module which appears in WAF systems enhances service quality by providing advantages such as validation of users, filtering of unwanted URLs, denial of dangerous web content, reduction of bandwidth, speeding up the web traffic, blocking of malicious requests coming to the web applications and logging of the traffic.    


Compression reduces the size of the data which will be transferred and shortens the time to respond to the users. Compression can be applied to all kinds of client demands and service requirements.

By determining the need concerning web security, our company provides service on choosing and positioning the right product.

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