Beyaz Net Pentest Services

The team of Beyaz Net which fully consists of certified specialists, performs deep scans for weaknesses and threads in systems and softwares.

Study Titles

- Remote Security Control
- Server Security Controls
- Network Packet Sniffing
- Wired/Wireless Network Security Vulnerability
- Configuration Control of Network Devices
- Access Control
- Web Site Security Vulnerability Control

The Differences We Make

- Testing and specifying vulnerabilities and weakness points
- Sector leader test tools (Acunetix, NetSparker, Nexpose, BurpSuite, Nessus etc.)
- Local scanning by using “DB Vulnerability Scanner”
- Monitoring DNS Traffic by using DNS Firewall and specifying infected machines.
- Manual real-time tests
- Corporate-Specific reports
- Competent and certified on CISSP, TSE etc. test team
- Numbers of pentest experiences

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