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Our Archive Services
Offering every king of service about archive requirements of organizations and giving consultation consumers about archive subjects
Archive Software
AYS is a software which is developed for public and private establishment archives. AYS was analyzed for the first time in 2002 as a Graduate Thesis of Marmara University Archiving Department. This thesis has been a resource for many thesis subjected with digital archive. Since this date its development has been continued. AYS is in a dynamic structure and it can be modified based on the structure and demands of organizations.
Our Activity Areas
Beyaz.net modifies the archieves of firms electronically and physically with our expert team. Our services are as following: physical document arrangements, inventory preparation, development of classification and maintanence plans, sorting and destruction processes, moving the records to the Archive Management System, preparation of archive regulations and procedures, controlled management of document producing phases, management of electronic documents and work flow applications. Our organization is also expert on storing documents which are electronically produced, providing data security and returning processes.
The Importance of Document Management
In an organization archieves and document managers places are considered as very small or at low lines. Moreover archieve concept is not defined in the proper sense in many large sized organizations. Archieve processes are executed by persons which are defined as courier, office boy etc and are in organization departments. However organizations need always the data they produce. Accessing these data robustly and fastly is tied with a good archieve system and and expert document manager. Therefore attention must be paid to archieve and document managers. Corporate executives can not make a decision without this data.
Functions of Document Management
Document management is about controlling all phases starting from document producing until destruction which is the final phase. The charge of the document manager is to destruct the document after that document has finished its function in the organization or to archieve/transmit to archieve if it has the value to maintain it.
Inventory Study
The first process to be made in document management is document inventory study. Inventory study is determining all documents produced in an organization. Document series and maintanence plans are consisting by reason of document inventory study.
Maintanence Plans
Maintanence plan is the general name of regulations which show how long the documents must be maintained at organizations. Maintanence plans should handle the entire document and all processes tracked starting from the producing phase until destruction or transmitting to the archive phase. The materials which are going to be maintained are material which will be destructed in a short time, maintained for a period or maintained permanently. The group which the document will be in is about the features of it.
Examples of Archieve Forms, IT Security and Network Infrastructure Specialist, Faronics Products Distributor, Fortinet, SonicWall, Zyxel, Kaspersky, CA, Draytek Partner, Software and Design Firm
Maintanence Plan
Maintanence Plan
Document Transmitting to the Archive
Components which attention has to be paid by transmitting or receiving documents to archive.
We compiled important articles published in the archive commmunity.
Useful Informations
You can find all kind of useful information here, Scanner, OCR Processes, New Technologies at the Archive Area etc.
Document Destruction Processes
Document Destruction Processes: After determination of material which will be destructed (paper, DVD, VCD, casette, Hard Disc, Data Cartridge etc.) the destruction method is going to be determined.
Beyaz Archive
Records or Information Management is simply the strategy developed and implemented to manage your offsite records and data. It can be as simple as boxing up and labeling your overflow files, or as intricate as scanning all your existing hardcopy records, indexing the files, uploading them into our digital database and then showing you how to access these records online anytime.
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Standard - DMS Features
Document Management Software should have all the essential features you need right
Optional - DMS Features
Optional document management software modules make the journey to the paperless office even easier! The document management software is feature rich
Custom - DMS Features
The document management system has many features that are
TS 13298 EBYS
TSE 13298

Bekir Kemal Ataman
Articles of Bekir Kemal ATAMAN. He is one of the most known names when it comes to record keeping. Why he doesn’t give courses in Marmara University Data and Document Management Department and why students can not benefit from such a student friendly teacher is a mystery. Besides he is an Apple Macintosh Fan. For more information see: http://www.archimac.org/bkacv/index.spml. Private archives, personal archives, archive, record keeping, destruction,document, documentation, information, library, book, archive software, AYS, AYSPro, rehabilitation, ROP, document and document management, digital archive, archive management, Filemaker, Archival softwares, archivist, active archiv, yeditepe introduction, RM
Archive Research Organization
Despite that record keeping tradition in Turkey is very ancient, it is a known fact that receding from the tradition and staying far from the record keeping developments of the West until near periods of time due to negligence of this subject during the Republican Era. It is hard to say that it is a final solution despite the hopes of settling the deficit through the graduation rates of Record Keeping Department of Universities. Despite there are many archivists (at least we think so) in Turkey such as 1. Ottoman Archives, 2. Republic Archieves, 3. Public Bodies and Organizations, 4. Private Sector Organizations and 5. Library, Museum, Foundations etc. the communication lack between them exorbitant. We are aware of that archivists who are charged in several archives, are wending by promoting with practices in Turley. However the need to theorical knowledge of these collages (even if its limited amount) who we make personal contacts is one of the subjects uttered permanently.
Ş. Mehmet KAYA
Works, Studies and Projects of Mehmet KAYA

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